Final Girls

Quincy Carpenter and five of her friends were celebrating a birthday at Pine Cottage, but things didn't go as planned and only Quincy made it out of there alive. That was ten years ago, but she will always be a member of a club she does not want to belong to - the Final Girls. Lisa lost nine sorority sisters and Sam was the only survivor during her shift at the Nightlight Inn. Despite the media's attempts the three never meet in person. Quincy is doing well. She has an understanding and supportive boyfriend, they live together in a beautiful apartment, she runs a popular baking blog, and the police officer that saved her life is still there for her any time of day or night. And she'll need him when she learns that Lisa has committed suicide and Sam comes out of hiding and shows up at her door. Since Quincy never could remember the details of what happened that night in the woods, Sam is intent on making her relive the past so those memories finally come to light.

I had to sit and think about what I'd read for a day afterwards. I really enjoyed the writing. I liked how we got a glimpse here and there about that night at Pine Cottage. And when I finally got to the big reveal I wasn't disappointed. I thought the story was clever. So many secrets and lies. I made some guesses at what could've happened but (of course) I was wrong. I felt like maybe there was too much in the middle - Sam shows up and we get lots of Sam and Quincy spending time together. But overall I really enjoyed this book.


Island of the Dolls

On the Outskirts of Mexico City lies Isla de las Munecas - a reportedly haunted island that is home to thousands of dolls. A group of people are going to film a documentary on this island against the boatman's better judgement to wait until the storm passes. While stranded there overnight, the wind and rain add to the already spooky atmosphere but when they discover a dead body they begin to realize that something evil really is lurking on the island.

This was a fast-paced read. I really liked the setting and felt as though I was there. Most of the characters were unlikable but they did feel real and I liked that they were different from one another and had their flaws. A lot went on during the last couple of chapters but overall I was happy with the ending. Another good read from the World's Scariest Places series!


Box of Terror

Box of Terror contains four stories. The first one immediately drew me in. I liked the writing and the content was interesting - a man finds himself inside a supermarket that sells a different assortment of food than other supermarkets and it was too late to escape the second he entered the store but he will stop at nothing to return to his family. Then I found the story dragged on and I wasn't as invested as I was at the first, but overall this one was good. 

The second story started off good, I liked the concept - a family has just moved to the middle of nowhere and they keep losing their power and the man stays and waits for the repairman while his wife and child go to stay with her mother before it gets dark. But then the author started to lose me with those made up words and I also found this one too long. 

I did not like the third story - a man hides himself away from the world and is obsessed with numbers. In no way did this one interest me. 

I did like the fourth story - a boy is excited to start school again after the summer, hoping the school bully will leave him alone but he doesn't and the boy wants revenge. 

So overall not a bad read for me but it wasn't great either.


The Accident

DNF @ 70%.

I'm in a bad mood and I feel like shitting all over this book. Some books I request from Netgalley then wonder what I was thinking after I've been accepted and go back and read the blurb. A guy punches another guy out of a door who falls three storeys to his death. How is the author going to make a whole book out of this and not be boring? Well, he didn't. I'm not a fan of long chapters so when I got to chapter four and saw it was 19% of the book, things only went downhill from there. I got some boring voice on my phone to read this to me while I puttered around the house. Then I started aggressively skimming, skipping a chapter completely about the past. I don't care. I want to know what happened to Ryan. And then I read that their cat was decapitated. That was the end for me. I didn't read another word after that. I couldn't care less what happened to Ryan or anyone else. The writing wasn't that great. Boring, tedious, repetitious. I hated all the characters (except for the cat!) Some things were unnecessarily morbid. What a waste of my time.


One of Us Is Lying

On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High end up in detention together. None of them are friends and they're all completely different from one another. Bronwyn is the smart girl, over-achiever and she never breaks a rule. Addy is the pretty girl and homecoming princess, and she has the hottest boyfriend at Bayview. Cooper is the athlete and an all-star pitcher. Nate is the criminal who is on probation for dealing drugs. And Simon is the social outcast and creator of Bayview High's notorious gossip app. Simon has posted some very juicy stuff on that app and has hurt a lot of people in the process. He never makes it out of that classroom alive. According to investigators Simon had planned to reveal something major about each of the four people in that classroom the day after he died. So those four students are suspects in his murder.

This was a compulsive read. It was well-written, suspenseful (who killed Simon?!) and had a diverse group of people who all had one thing in common - they have secrets. These characters have a lot of depth. We get a glimpse of them before Simon dies, but then we follow them from school to home to the police station and we see how scared they are, how they're trying to "be normal", we see their families. I thought this book was clever and I loved it!


Sharp Objects

Camille Preaker is a reporter in Chicago. Her boss thinks it would be a good idea for her to return to her hometown in Missouri to cover the murder of two preteen girls before someone else gets hold of the story first. To say Camille does not get along with her mother is an understatement - she is a neurotic, hypochondriac who never showed her daughter any love. And she doesn't know her half-sister, Amma - a popular, mean girl who seems to run the town. But here she is back at her childhood home, staying in her old bedroom. And she uncovers one ugly truth after the other.

Wow. What a messed up family. Something definitely was not right within the walls of the Crellin's old mansion, you could feel it. I really liked Camille, I felt sorry for her having to grow up like that and the actions she took to try to cope or punish herself. And I did like Amma. She felt very three-dimensional to me. The pace of the story was great. We get clues here and there. But I did not expect that ending!


Cold Blood

A suitcase has been found washed up on the shore of the river Thames. When Detective Erika Foster opens it she sees that it contains the dismembered body of a young man. This is identical to another suitcase that was found two weeks ago only that one held the body of a woman. Erika realizes she's looking for a serial killer but when she begins to dig into the case she is brutally attacked. She has no choice but to take time off but her mind is still on the case. When she learns that the twin daughters of her colleague have been kidnapped, she will stop at nothing to get those girls back home safe and sound.

When I find out another Erika Foster book is coming out I feel like I have to read it. I know it's going to be the same as the ones before it - Erika goes through hell and then saves the day. I know the descriptions of people are going to drive me nuts again (horse-faced girl, jowly face with several chins), and there's going to be so many convenient things that will happen to make the story fit together. But I still find myself turning the pages quickly and when the book is finished I'm happy I read it. I'm also happy that Erika is not in a relationship. I'd like the focus to be on her job. I want her to be an independent woman! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book.